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Effectiveness. Accountability. Performance.

Transform consumer event effectiveness, accountability, and performance!  Palaterra makes it easy to increase your tasting event impact and ensure accountability

Developed by Beverage Event Experts for Beverage Suppliers, Distributors, and Partner Agencies.

Planning and executing multifaceted tasting campaigns requires huge investments of time, money, and manpower. Leaders need to measure and maximize their return on those investments and ensure their partners play their part. Palaterra helps you do just that!
Proven in practice, Palaterra has logged more than 5,500,000 pours and driven more than 1,500,000 units of unplanned beer, spirits, and wine purchases. It enables seamless management and measurement of regional and nationwide consumer event programs with a single, easy-to-use, and powerful platform - for communication, training, retailer reference, reporting and analysis, event verification, and product imagery.

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Implement with Ease and Onboard Partners and Ambassadors Fast

Simplify management and onboarding of agencies, ambassadors, and products to save time and normalize key processes.

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Automate Pre- and Post-Event Tasks and Processes

Eliminate the uncertainty and inefficiency of typically manual tasks. Experience reliable execution of tastings and campaign success with confidence and confirmation.

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Centralize Data Capture and Unlock Breakthrough Reporting

Unify and standardize tastings data from every event in a single platform - for deeper insight into campaign impact, product performance and improvement opportunities.


Tailored to Meet Your Needs and Maximize Your Consumer Event Investments

The costs and complexities of planning and executing hundreds or thousands of consumer events across multiple regions and tastings campaigns can be overburdening. You need the right tools to answer all the key questions.

  • How can you confidently verify that every event was executed without issue? 
  • How can you ensure the right people are scheduled for the right events?
  • How can you effectively measure and illustrate campaign and event success? 
  • How can you ensure accountability across all your event partners?
  • How can you ensure informative, prompt, and actionable reporting?
  • How will you cover all the event coordination and communication bases?
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Overview Brochure

Get your copy to learn more about how to get started with Palaterra and dramatically improve your event impact and product performance.

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Question? Want a Demo?

Let us know what questions you have about Palaterra or get a demo from one of our beverage event experts.